Wines from around the world!!

White Wines

Orvietto Classico D.O.C.G — Cecchi (Italy)

Straw yellow the Orvieto Classico has a clear fruity aroma, it is intense, with good structure. The note of sapidity makes this wine interesting.

Pinot Grigio D.O.0 "Arcole" — Sartori (Italy)

White wine, with gold reflections, fruity and aromatic bouquet, fresh delicate taste.

Sauvignon Blanc — Reserve Casas Del Bosque (Chile)

Ripe character, complexity to the blend with mineral and citrusy notes. Probably one of the best Sauvignon Blanc in Casablanca Valley.

Chablis A.O.C. — Domaine Christofe Camu (France)

Dry Chardonnay with a nose of minerals, limestone, slate, wet rocks that's rich with acidity and delivers flavours of green apple.

Pouilly Fouisse A.O.C. — Domaine Romanin (France)

Made with emerald gold tones which reflect a wine of finesse and distinction; the tasting is harmonious, fresh, full of flavours with hazelnuts, toasted almonds, grapefruit and lemon aromas.

Chassagne Montrachet A.O.C. — (France)

This excellent wine has a nice pale gold colour. Its nose is rich with aromas of fruit flesh, hazelnuts and almonds. lt is fullbodied, well-balanced, but never « heavy », it is impressively long lasting in the mouth with these aromas of fresh fruits.

Red Wines

Chianti D.O.C.G. — Cecchi (Italy)

With a lively ruby red colour tending to burgundy with ageing, it has an intense and persistent fragrance. It is soft and balanced to the palate.

Valpolicella Classico D.O.C. — Sartori Di Verona (Veneto - Italy)

Ruby red colour, delicate, warm aroma, supple and harmonic taste.

Beaujolais Village A.O.C. — Chateau De Chenas (South Burgundy, France)

100% Gamay Fresh, juicy-ripe red cherry and raspberry notes, very floral with discernible opulent-sweetness to the bouquet amongst an intriguing spiciness and metallic, flinty-graphite nuance.

Shiraz & Cabernet — Deakin Estate (Victoria Valley - Australia)

The Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon components were fermented separately in several batches to produce the best possible varietal wines. They were then blended to highlight the fullness and generosity of Shiraz.

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve — Casas Del Bosque (Chile)

The palate abounds with soft tannins that deliver excellent body for a wine that goes very well with red meats.

Syrah — Gran Reserve - Casas Del Bosque(Chile)

This amazing syrah, planted on the hill slopes of one of the coldest areas in the Casablanca Valley, has turned into one of the best examples of this variety. It is an elegant wine, with a wonderful violet red color, aromas of black pepper and of jams made from red fruits and blueberries.

Shiraz — Katnook Estate (Connawarra - Australia)

A richly layered palate of ripe fruit and subtle oak. Highlights of raspberries, plum and hints of licorice enhance the smooth and juicy, mouth filling flavours. Gentle dusty oak and a hint of spice with fine assertive tannins, accentuate the long finish.

Amarone D.O.C. "Corte Bra" — Sartori (Italy)

Ruby in colour ripe fruit aromas, with notes of blackcurrant, raspberry, and dried herbs, full bodied on the palate with rich fruit flavours, bright acidity, and a lingering finish.

Rose Wines

Conde De Caralt — Cava Rosado - (Spain)

Bright strawberry pink of medium intensity. The nose is a complex mix of strawberries, raspberries and cherries. On the palate it is soft but quite full with good structure and a bright acidity.

Lambrusco Emilia Rosato — Ca Demedici (Italy)

7.5% alcohol, Intense rose,fruity in taste with slightly body, young and fruity. Obtained according to charmat method of red Lambrusco grapes. Rose, colour liqueur, very fruity and sparkling.

Pinot Grigio I.G.T. Blush — Sartori Di Verona (Italy)

Extremely particular and pleasant pale copper colour. The bouquet is flowery with delicate citrus hints.

Wine By Glass

Sauvignon Blanc — Les Jamelles 250 ml

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc — 187m1

Kamanterena Xynisteri — White 187m1

Kamanterena — Lefkadha Rose 187m1

Kamanterena — Red Dry Wine 187m1


Taittinger Brut Reserve

Famously light and elegant with a fine mousse but has considerable depth with a long finish.

Taittinger Prestige Brut Rose

Stylish & full bodied, a delicate salmon pink colour enhances the summer fruit which explodes on the palate.

Moet & Chandon Brut — Imperial Champagne Brut Clear

,very pale straw yellow in color. Small bubbles, very light. On the palate shows fruit. Excellent balanca.

Moet & Chandon Champagne — Brut Imperial Rose

A lively, intense bouquet of red fruits wild strawberry, raspberry, cherry floral nuances of rose and a slight hint of pepper. An expressive palate combining intensity and suppleness the juicy, persistent intensity of berries strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant the fleshiness and firmness of peach and the freshness of a subtle note of mentho.

Sparkling Wines

Martini Asti D.O.C.G — (Italy)

Asti is a delicious sparkling wine with a distinctive fruity taste exhaling delicate notes of pear,green apple and peach.Only the finest of moscato bianco grapes from the heart of Italy"s prestigious DOCG area are selected in the making of this exceptional wine.

Prosecco Brut 200m1 — Sartori (Italy)

Prosecco Brut 750m1 — Sartori (Italy)

Straw yellow in colour with light-green hues, Delicate fruit bouquet, reminiscent of wild apples and acacia flowers; dry with subtle fruit and nut flavours.

Kathikas Wines

Vasilikon — White dry

A dry white wine vinified from the indigenous variety "Xinisteri" which is cultivated in our family vineyards. This wine is distinguished for its green - yellow crystal clear color, its fruity aroma of apricot and peach, its fresh and balanced taste as well as its dominant and long lasting after taste

Ayios Onoufrios — Red dry

The indigenous varieties of Maratheftiko and Lefkada and the fine varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz and Merlot are cultivated with loving care in vineyards of Paphos compose the family tree of this wine. This balanced and full wine, is distinguished for its purple and deep colour, its vivid aroma, its fruity taste and its perfumed after taste. It is the best accompaniment to meat and semi-hard cheeses.

Einalia — Rose dry

The indigenous varity Maratheftiko is accompanied by the varity Shiraz to produce a rose wine with the colour of the pomegranate, that is distinguished for the fresh floral character and the rich aromas of the red fruit. Refreshing with pleasant acidity, balanced taste and a long lasting after taste

Methy — Cabernet Sauvignon

Born out of patience,this wine matures for two years in brand new barrels of French oak and spends an equal amount of time ageing in the reducing environment of its bottle. Methy displays a deep red colour, exuding trength and masculine"aromas of green pepper, capers and red-skinned fruits against a background of oak. It has a thick, distinctly balanced taste with tannic presence which softened by time, will further improve the quality of the wine.

Koralli — White dry

Koralli — Red dry - shiraz-cabernet sauvignon

Kelaidonis — Rose dry - shiraz

Kamanterena Winery at Stroumbi

Stroumbeli — Chardonnay Dry White

This unique wine shows aromas expressive of mango, pineapple and honey underscored by impressions of toast, vanilla and butter lent by the barrel. The nose reveals ripe apple, melon, citrus and tropical fruit aromas enriched by spicy French oak nuances and appealing baked bread scents.

Stroumbeli — Maratheftiko Dry Rose

The best, and very rare, Cyprus variety Maratheftiko offers us this rose, with distinct rose pedal, pomegranate and cherry blossoms aromas, and a fine, very aromatic and balanced taste.

Stroumbeli — Lefkadha Red Dry

This Cypriot varietal has a deep red colour with vibrant, violet and crimson hues. It's moderately intense nose, is reminiscent of Christmas pudding, stewed plums, and cranberries, integrated with a dusty earthiness and mellowed oak.This medium-full bodied red varietal displays a broad spectrum of deep rich black fruits, infused with undertones of chocolate and sweet French oak.

Stroumbeli — Merlot Red Dry

This mountain grown Merlot has deep cherry-red colour with intense fruit flavours reminiscent of black cherries, currants, and blackberries. On the palate, it is rich and wealthy, bursting with flavours of black fruits, backed by chocolate and vanilla oak notes and round, chewy tannins. Though enjoyable at present, this classic wine has the structure and intensity to improve with aging. This versatile wine is an excellent accompaniment to any red meat, poultry, or pasta dish. For a special treat, try it with rack of lamb or roast quail.

Stroumbeli — Shiraz Red Dry

This excellent Shiraz has a deep brick red colour with an intense maroon and purple hue.lntense nose with notes of lifted sweet spice reminiscent of pepper and mint, integrated with black fruits characteristic of cranberries and mature fig, cloaked in delicate oak. Medium bodied and well structured with a refreshing cidity and sturdy sweet fruits. Black fruits on the fore palate lengthening to infused cranberries and sweet plum integrated with subtle oak, finishing long with lingering pepper, blackcurrants and velvety tannins.

Stroumbeli — Maratheftiko Red Dry

Deep intense cherry red colour, elegant aromas full of fruit with a slight mintiness and varietal character combined with suspicions of smokey oak forming a well-integrated and complex nose. Long palate, full and round, well balanced with silky smooth tannins. The same aromas as on the nose, as well as some vanilla,that manifests the French Oak Barrel at the end-palate, create a harmonious wine that fully respects the grape variety and its region of origin.

Kamanterena — Xynisteri/ Semillon white

The blend of the Local Xynisteri with the French Semillon gives us pale green wines, with predominant citrus fruit aromatic character, with the presence of green apple, pear and honey. Intence lively tastes with just enough acidity and alcohol to give a well balanced wine that leaves a lasting after taste.

Kamanterena — Lefkadha / shiraz rose

A distinct fresh glowing Rose colour, showing its freshness and its thirst for life. On the nose, it shows aromas of the Forrest fruit underscored by the distinct aroma of Roses, fresh strawberries and pomegranates, deriving from the Varieties Lefkadha and Shiraz, which is are very well adapted varieties to the Cyprus Vineyard. Cool and full on the palate, it overflows with the same aromas of the Forrest fruit.

Kamanterena — Cabernet / Merlot

The powerful Cabernet Sauvignon is blended with the mild and mellow Merlot to create a great combination that undelines any meat based dishes. Intense tannins and high alcohol, but also intense aromatic character make a great harmony and balance, that creates a perfect harmony with heavy dishes with sauces and protein, that tame the tannic character of the Cabernet.

Muscat (or Moscato) — Sweet White

A ripe and fruity white wine made from the famous Muscat (or Moscato) (of Alexandria) carefully chosen to give a very modern well balanced consistently high quality white liqueur wine, to please every palate.

Kolios Winery

Persefoni — Dry White

The white variety of "xynisteri"grown on a 3000 feat hight, makes the Persefoni an outstanding wine.very fine and subtle aroma to enthuse all who adore fine white wine.

Persefoni — Medium Dry White

The white variety of "xynisteri"grown on a 3000 feat hight, makes the Persefoni an outstanding wine.very fine and subtle aroma to enthuse all who adore fine white wine.

Saint Fotios — Dry Red

An excellent balanced red dry wine, with a smooth velvet taste and soft tannins. Characterized of the smoothness that flows in the mouth and the exceptional aromas of the original Cyprus grape varieties of "Maratheftico" and "Mavro'.

Status 99 — Medium Dry Red

A medium dry red wine, ideal for those who prefer a good red wine but not very dry. It leaves a smooth and pleasant aftertaste with no signs of the smallest grape sugar that might was left in.